Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My Minders (30.00/mo patrons) have the finale, Chapter 5- and it shall now trickle down weekly until it goes public!  In a month, this chapter goes public and I look forward to sharing it with everyone!  Please invest in my hard work through PATREON to get my work before the public!  (Also helping me to be able to do this full time!)


  1. coolcoolcoolcoolcool. Question if you don't mind: have you considered uploading a story image chain or two to spread more interest in your work? (I saw that you recently uploaded to e-hentai)

    1. I do not know what that means, forgive my ignorance. I am willing to learn, though!

    2. Something like this: https://e-hentai.org/g/1209998/a90fd28355/
      To show off your craft? Just a thought.

    3. I would love you, and would have ages ago, frankly, but like Deviant Art, E-Hentai won't let me put up picture manips. The one you linked (fun game by the way) they actually use Daz models and then run a photoshop action to make them appear drawn. The problem I have learned is that even if I use photoshop actions to make something appear drawn, as soon as they see it comes from a picture manip, I am strangely shunned and taken down. Doing pic manips, I have learned, is far harder and more complicated than using these Daz models, so I think it is more about copyright issues and such as opposed to the time/effort to create.

      Anyway, great idea! I did upload some quick (not even close to my high end) 3D renders I did. So, as I continue using Daz and making artwork for Factions, expect to see me appearing much more there!